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Generation VI

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The advancements introduced in Generation VI include:
* The addition of {{cat|Generation VI Pokémon|72 new Pokémon}}, bringing the total to 721. Only one evolution from a Pokémon featured in a previous generation is found: {{p|Sylveon}}, a new {{p|Eevee}} [[Eeveelution|evolution]].
* The additionintroduction of a new [[type]], the {{t|Fairy}} type, bringing the totalfirst tosuch 18.introduction Thesince last[[Generation timeII]], thatto abalance newout typethe had{{t|Dragon}}, been{{t|Poison}}, introducedand was{{t|Steel}} in [[Generation II]]types.
* The addition of 62 new [[move]]s, bringing the total to 621.
* The addition of 27 new {{Abilities}}, bringing the total to 191.