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Generation II

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* The introduction of {{cat|Generation II Pokémon|100 new Pokémon}}, bringing the total to 251. Several are [[list of Pokémon with cross-generational evolutions|evolved forms of]] or [[baby Pokémon|pre-evolutions of]] {{cat|Generation I Pokémon}}, while others are their own evolutionary lines.
* The addition of 86 new [[move]]s, bringing the total to 251 as well.
* The addition of two new [[type]]s, the {{t|Dark}} and {{t|Steel}} types, to balance out the over-powerfuloverpowered {{t|Psychic}} type and the underusedunderpowered {{t|Fighting}} type.
* A new region to explore, [[Johto]], in addition to [[Kanto|the Generation I region]], with the latter accessible after the [[Elite Four]] have been defeated. Johto has its own set of eight new [[Gym]]s and [[Gym Leader]]s to defeat, while the Elite Four has changed in three years.
* [[Gender]]s for Pokémon, opening up the ability for two Pokémon to {{pkmn|breeding|breed}} if they are [[Egg Group|similar enough]].