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:''For the [[Gym Leader]] whose name is "Melissa" in Japanese, see [[Fantina]]''.
'''Melissa''' (Japanese: '''ヨシキ''' ''Yoshiki'', a male in the Japanese version) is a [[character of the day]] from the [[Pokémon anime]] who appeared in ''[[EP077|The Fourth Round Rumble]]''.
She appeared in ''[[EP077|The Fourth Round Rumble]]'', where sheMelissa {{pkmn|battle}}d [[Gary Oak]] in the fourth round of the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]]. SheMelissa was shown to be a very powerful {{pkmn|Trainer}}, defeating Gary's {{p|Nidoking}} and sending the [[Pallet Town]] native home.
Melissa is male in the Japanese version, and a female in the English version.
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