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I get really worried about being misunderstood. Maybe this will help, though I doubt anyone will ever read it.
Just your ordinary Bulbapedia editor. Autistic, 20-something, veryhas obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Very interested in weird, specific details of glitches and the like. Expect to see me become very active for a few weeks or months, then forget all about Bulbapedia for a few months, suddenly become active again, and repeat.
Currently trying to get amy username changechanged to Felthry, since I stopped using the name Xolroc a few months ago.
I try to keep things calm and take care of vandalism where I can, as well as fixing up awkward wording or grammar where I notice it. I consider it very important for any user to be willing to accept when they are wrong, and to discuss things instead of starting an edit war, so I will tend to step in if something of that sort looks like it's starting to go badly.
OnI topam ofnot thatsure exactly what the protocol is for using the user warning templates/warning users in general, but I'm verytry badto use the preview button warning anytime I see a user make at notleast voicingthree myedits opinionto the same page in a short span of time. Other than that I try to leave such things to more experienced editors onthan proposalsmyself, sobut expectsometimes I feel like I have to seetake meaction onto talkhandle pagessomething athat is blatantly against policy, like deleting talk page lotcomments.
I amtry notto veryensure goodinformation is correct and sourced, and occasionally will revert edits that are correct but unsourced and seem, to me at makingleast, somewhat dubious. If that happens, just revert usermy pagesreversion.
On top of that, I'm very bad at not voicing my opinion on proposals, so expect to see me on talk pages a lot, making probably-stupid suggestions. I worry sometimes that I talk too much.
I am not very good at making user pages. Hopefully this is adequate information? I mostly want to make sure people understand that I am trying to improve the wiki, even if sometimes my actions are misguided. I worry a lot about my actions being misunderstood.