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If a Trainer's Pokémon knocks out an opposing Pokémon, that Trainer receives a point. If a Pokémon faints due to indirect damage, such as {{status|poison}} or {{status|burn}}, the point is awarded to the Pokémon who caused the indirect damage to occur. If a Pokémon faints due to self-inflicted damage or effects, such as from [[recoil]] or {{m|Explosion}}, no points will be rewarded to anyone.
The battle is over at the end of the turn after all of any one Trainer's Pokémon have fainted. The winner is determined based on the combined total of the KO points they earned and their remaining conscious Pokémon. If there is a tie using this method, the winner will be determined based on whose Pokémon have the most remaining HP. A Trainer who had all of their Pokémon faint cannot win, even if they have the most points, unless all three opponents also lost all of their Pokémon.
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