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[[File:May Eevee Egg.png|thumb|left|210px|Eevee's Egg]]
[[File:May Eevee.png|thumb|left|210px|As an Eevee]]
==={{series|Advanced Generation series}}===
May received an {{pkmn|Egg}} from a {{pkmn|Day Care|Day-Care}} worker named [[Christopher and Jeannie|Christopher]] in ''[[AG150|May's Egg-Cellent Adventure]]'', which hatched into an Eevee in ''[[AG157|Time Warp Heals All Wounds]]''. Since then, it became a major part of May's team, watching every one of May's Contests since it hatched.
Eevee made its {{pkmn|Contest}} debut in ''[[AG167|What I Did for Love]]'', in which it went up against {{an|Brock}} and his {{TP|Brock|Marshtomp}}. Although Marshtomp could use its fins to sense Eevee's underground movements and detect exactly where it would come up after using Dig, Eevee eventually scored a win for May.
Eevee appeared again in ''[[AG191|Once More With Reeling!]]'' to perform in the Appeals Round of the unofficial [[Terracotta Town]] Contest, where it proved to be a great performer, coming in first for the appeals and allowing {{an|May}} to compete in the Battle Round.
==={{series|Diamond & Pearl series}}===
In ''[[DP076|A Full Course Tag Battle!]]'', May introduced her newly evolved Pokémon soon after she was reunited with the gang. She revealed that her Eevee evolved into a {{p|Glaceon}} by coming into contact with the [[Ice Rock]] near [[Snowpoint City]]. During this time, Dawn herself (when she first saw it) commented that Glaceon was very cute.
[[File:Ice Rock anime.png|thumb|210px|Glaceon with {{an|May}} touching the Ice Rock that makes it evolve]]