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Office Worker (Trainer class)

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| colspan="2" | Clerk ♀ overworld sprite from<br>{{color2|000|Generation V}}
| colspan="4" style="{{roundy|80px}} border:2px solid #{{locationcolor/dark|building}}; background:#{{locationcolor/light|building}}; width:400px"| [[File:VSOffice Worker M SM.png|200px150px]][[File:VSOffice Worker F SM.png|200px150px]]
|- style="font-size:80%"
| colspan="4" | VS Modelsmodels from {{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun and Moon}}
| colspan="4" style="{{roundy|80px}} border:2px solid #{{locationcolor/dark|building}}; background:#{{locationcolor/light|building}};"| [[File:Office Worker m SM OD.png|100px]][[File:Office Worker f SM OD.png|100px]]
|- style="font-size:80%"
| colspan="4" | Overworld models from {{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun and Moon}}