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(I don't see why this is notable; the thing that's important to Multitype is that Arceus + Plates = changed type, not the particulars of how many Plates it has at a time or where it gets those Plates from.)
====Generation IV====
Multitype changes the form and [[type]] of a Pokémon with this Ability depending on the [[Plate]] attached. The item-removing effects of {{m|Thief}}, {{m|Covet}}, {{m|Trick}}, {{m|Switcheroo}}, and {{m|Knock Off}} will not work on a Pokémon with Multitype, regardless of what item it is holding.
This Ability cannot be transferred with {{m|Skill Swap}} or copied with {{a|Trace}} or {{m|Role Play}}. If any Pokémon other than {{p|Arceus}} has this Ability, it does not work. Multitype cannot be suppressed by {{m|Gastro Acid}} or changed by {{m|Worry Seed}}.
When a Pokémon {{m|transform}}s into Arceus, it becomes the same form and type as the target Arceus. If the transformed Pokémon is holding a Plate that is different from the target's held Plate, it then immediately changes to the form and type corresponding to that Plate; if it is not holding a Plate, it immediately changes to Normal Arceus (unless it transformed into Normal Arceus).
{{m|Role Play}}, {{m|Gastro Acid}}, and {{m|Worry Seed}} fail if the target has the Ability Multitype. {{m|Skill Swap}} fails if either Pokémon has Multitype. Multitype cannot be copied by {{a|Trace}}.
====Generation V-VI====
Multitype will now only prevent the effects of {{m|Knock Off}}, {{m|Trick}}, {{m|Switcheroo}}, {{m|Thief}} or {{m|Covet}} if the Pokémon with Multitype is specifically holding a [[Plate]].
{{m|Simple Beam}} and {{m|Entrainment}} fail if the target has the Ability Multitype. Multitype cannot be replaced by {{a|Mummy}}.
====Generation VII====
Multitype will also change Arceus's type and form if it holds a type-specific [[Z-Crystal]].
Multitype cannot be suppressed by {{m|Core Enforcer}}.
===={{g|Mystery Dungeon series}}====