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Levitate (Ability)

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In battle: confirming in OR that Pokemon with Levitate takes damage from Sky Drop
===In battle===
Levitate renders the Pokémon with this Ability immune to damaging {{type|Ground}} moves (except {{m|Thousand Arrows}}) and, thesince Generation VII, damage from {{m|Sky Drop}}. It also is unaffected by the effects of {{a|Arena Trap}}, {{m|Spikes}}, {{m|Toxic Spikes}}, {{m|Sticky Web}}, {{m|Rototiller}}, and {{cat|Moves that change terrain|terrain}}. Additionally, a {{type|Poison}} Pokémon with Levitate cannot remove Toxic Spikes.
These immunities are lost during {{m|Gravity}} or if the Pokémon with Levitate is holding an {{DL|In-battle effect item|Iron Ball}}, is under the effects of {{m|Ingrain}}, or has been hit by {{m|Smack Down}} or {{m|Thousand Arrows}}. This Ability can also be suppressed by {{m|Gastro Acid}} or ignored by {{a|Mold Breaker}}, {{a|Teravolt}}, or {{a|Turboblaze}}.