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Revelation Dance (move)

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Effect: wording/correction; tests (my guess: fails, no effect, hits through)
{{MoveResearch|Checking interaction with Normalize and Electrify; typeless move's interactions with {{m|Conversion 2}}, {{a|Color Change}} and {{a|Wonder Guard}}}}
Revelation Dance inflicts damage and has no secondary effect. The [[type]] of Revelation Dance always matches the user's primary type.
Revelation Dance is unaffected by <!--{{a|Normalize}}, -->{{a|Pixilate}}, {{a|Refrigerate}}, {{a|Aerilate}}, and {{a|Galvanize}}. However, it is affected by {{m|Ion Deluge}} (if the move would be Normal-type)<!-- and {{m|Electrify}}-->.
Regardless of Revelationthe Danceuser's actual typetypes, itRevelation Dance is always treated as {{type|Normal}} for [[Z-Move]] mechanics, and can only ever be transformedupgraded intoto {{m|Breakneck Blitz}} dealingby a {{typeDL|NormalZ-Crystal|Normalium Z}} damage.