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Bulbapedia's '''staff''' consists of seven levels of power, ranging from {{bp|Junior Administrators}} to the {{bp|Webmasters}}. Being part of the staff of Bulbapedia gives users a special ranking on the [[Bulbagarden forums]], which allows them access to the <span class="plainlinks">[http://bmgfforums.bulbagarden.net/forumdisplayindex.php?f=forums/bulbapedia-administration.192/ Bulbapedia Administration]</span> forum, where the inner workings of Bulbapedia's activities are discussed.
What Bulbapedia looks for in its staff is a willingness to contribute meaningfully above all. Expert knowledge of Bulbapedia's templates and style is one of the most major points of consideration for users to move up to the Junior Administrator level, while users are strongly encouraged to be more than just contributors. What makes Bulbapedia, and Bulbagarden as a whole, a community, is that we don't just have facts and figures put up by robots, but by individuals creative enough to come up with new and unique ways to state even the most boring of our subjects.