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Other: Worthwhile question to answer here. Answer copied from Bulbapedia:Username policy.
=====What can I do to help out Bulbapedia?=====
There's always things to do on Bulbapedia. Check out the {{cat|stubs}}, {{cat|articles needing improvement}}, the [[Special:WantedPages|wanted pages]], or the {{cat|outdated articles}} for ideas on what to help with.
=====Who can I contact if an admin isn't online?=====
Usually there is an admin online somewhere, staff members are italicized or bolded in the Recent Changes so they can be spotted easily.
=====How do I get rid of the advertisements?=====
Usually logging into Bulbapedia or a Bulbagarden site will get rid of advertisements.
=====I saw an advertisement that I found offensive/disruptive. What do I do?=====
Bulbapedia strives to uphold a family-friendly, and easy reading experience, and as such our advertisements should follow this standard as well. If you happen to find a questionable advertisement, or one that you find disruptive to your reading experience, please follow these steps:
:1. Right-Click the ad and click on "Copy Link Location" (note that some browsers may use slightly different terms)
We will then evaluate the advert and have it removed from rotation if it is deemed offensive/disruptive.
===How do I change my username?===
Changing usernames can only be performed by an {{bp|Editorial Board}} member. Changing usernames is discouraged, as it drains server resources. A valid reason must be provided. Repeated name changes are not allowed.
===Other sites===
=====Can I copy/steal stuff from other sites?=====
No. Stealing content from other sites is wrong and if stolen content is found, it will be deleted and the user who added it will face a block. Fansites may not be reliable at times. Bulbapedia relies on announcements from sites such as or Nintendo before making articles or changing pages. If any user finds stolen content, report it to a staff member, and it will be dealt with from there.
=====I found your info on a different website. What should I do?=====
In the case of another website stealing from Bulbapedia, report it to a staff member. Be sure to include a link to the offending material. Do not attempt to contact the head webmaster of the offending website. We will handle it.
=====Why do you romanize Pokémon like this when Serebii uses something different?=====
Bulbapedia and Serebii have their own different styles of romanization, and each create their romanizations independently.