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Power of Alchemy (Ability)

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===In battle===
When an allied Pokémon faints in battle, a Pokémon with Power of Alchemy as its Ability will gain the fainted Pokémon's Ability in place of its own. When this happens, the new Ability activates immediately (as if the Pokémon had just entered the battle). This Ability will activate even if the user causes the ally to faint or the ally faints due to its own move.
While the Pokémon with Power of Alchemy has not earned an ability yet, the Pokémon can not be affected by any [[Status condition#volatile status|volatile status]], and its stats can not be lowered.
Power of Alchemy will not activate if its ally had the Ability {{a|Wonder Guard}}, {{a|Multitype}}, {{a|RKS System}}, {{a|Schooling}}, {{a|Shields Down}} or {{a|Stance Change}}.