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Guitarist (Trainer class)

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|members={{OBP|Jeremy|AG151}}, [[Billy Jo]], {{OBP|Jimmy|XY115}}
A '''Guitarist''' (Japanese: '''ギタリスト''' ''Guitarist'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that debuted in [[Generation II]] games. They appear as young, blond men or (in [[Generation V]] only) black haired women, playing guitars.
They specialize in {{type|Electric}} Pokémon, as they play {{wp|electric guitar}}s. They may also use Pokémon associated with sound waves such as the {{p|Whismur}} evolutionary line in [[Generation III]], and in [[Generation IV]], {{p|Zubat}}{{sup/4|DP}} or the {{p|Kricketot}} family{{sup/4|Pt}} due to its relation with music. They may have some relation to the {{tc|Rocker}} class introduced in [[Generation I]], and the {{Tc|Musician}} class introduced in [[Generation V]].