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In the anime
===In the main series===
[[File:Alder and Cynthia.png|thumb|250px|[[Alder]] and [[Cynthia]], Champions of [[Unova]] and [[Sinnoh]], respectively.]]
In the [[Pokémon anime]], there can only be one regional Champion at a time, although the case of the less conventional [[Orange League]] is unclear. While {{pkmn|Trainer}}s can freely request a battle from the Champion, much more popular events are the [[Pokémon League Conference]]s, which can be entered by Trainers with at least eight [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s. The winner of these tournaments may enter the {{DL|Pokémon League|Champion League}} to face off the regional [[Elite Four]] members and, if successful, the League Champion. Most members of the {{DL|Elite Four|Sinnoh Elite Four}} have also been shown challenging [[Cynthia]] for the title.
So far, the only mentions of the Champion League have been in ''[[DP035|An Elite Meet and Greet!]]'', ''[[DP099|A Trainer and Child Reunion!]]'', ''[[BW031|Ash and Trip's Third Battle!]]'' and ''[[BW052|Ash Versus the Champion!]]''.
In addition to gathering eight Gym Badges, the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]] is known to accept Trainers passing the [[EP056|Pokémon League Admissions Exam]] and those graduating from [[Pokémon Tech]]. There are also smaller tournaments, such as the [[Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup]], where the winner gets to battle the League Champion straight away. [[Trip]] and {{OBP|Magnus|XY028}} were allowed to battle [[Alder]] and [[Diantha]], respectively, by winning such competitions.