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The next day, a tired Rowlet noticed a sweet smell being produced by [[Mallow's Bounsweet]]. Believing it to be fruit, Rowlet tried to take Bounsweet, only to be deflected each time it tried. Eventually, an exhausted Rowlet fell out of the sky, but was caught in time by {{Ash}}. It was then given a bunch of fruit to eat and after finishing its meal, it took a watermelon and returned to its nest, prompting Ash and {{an|Mallow}} to follow it.
Ash and Mallow soon found Rowlet's nest, but their reunion was cut short by {{TRT}}, who arrived to take back the [[berry|berries]] the flock had taken from {{DL|List of recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Bewear}}. After trapping the flock in nets, Team Rocket set their sights on {{AP|Pikachu}}. While Pikachu battled [[Jessie's Mimikyu]], Rowlet freed its friends and then used {{m|Leafage}} to save Pikachu from Mimikyu's attack. Before the battle could go on any longer, Bewear returned and carried Team Rocket back to its den. Ash thanked Rowlet for saving the day before saying goodbye, not wanting to separate it from its family in its nest. Seeing how it wanted to join Ash, Toucannon gave Rowlet its permission to leave the nest. Rowlet happily dove into Ash's [[bag|backpack]] and waved goodbye to its family. Delighted, Ash threw a {{ball|Poké}} at Rowlet and caught it.
In [[SM008]], Ash chose Rowlet to go up in battle against [[James (SM008)|James]] and his Pom-Pom Style {{p|Oricorio}}. However, due to a mix of inexperience and James' superior battling skills, Rowlet lost and was sent tumbling out of the mansion battle arena.