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List of Pokémon by weight

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Game mechanics affected by weight: Not affected by weight in Gen I and II
Weight affects the following {{pkmn|games|game}} mechanics. Note that [[Game Freak]] uses weight in kilograms for all the cutoffs and, therefore, {{wp|Metric system|metric values}} are shown first, followed by {{wp|United States customary units|United States customary values}}.
* The [[move]]s {{m|Low Kick}} ([[Generation III]] onward) and {{m|Grass Knot}} have a base power of 20, with an additional 20 when the target's weight is above 10 (22.0), 25 (55.1), 50 (110.2), 100 (220.5), and 200 kg (440.9 lbs.), successively.
* The moves {{m|Heat Crash}} and {{m|Heavy Slam}} have a base power of 120, with a subtractive 20 when the target's weight is, relative to the user's weight, ⅕-¼, ¼-⅓, ⅓-½, and >½, successively.
* Pokémon weighing more than 20.0 kg (44.1 lbs.) are not eligible to compete in the [[Fancy Cup]].