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* {{p|Kangaskhan}} sometimes appearing as {{p|Cubone}}'s ally in an SOS Battle may be a reference to the popular fan theory claiming that Cubone was at some point planned to be the pre-evolved form of Kangaskhan.
* {{p|Miltank}} sometimes appears as {{p|Tauros}}'s ally, which may be a reference to the theory that the two are related somehow.
* {{p|Mareanie}} and {{p|Sableye}}'s habit of attacking their ally {{p|Corsola}} and {{p|Carbink}}, respectively, is a reference to them using these Pokémon as their source of food.
* All Pokémon that can call for {{p|Happiny}} or {{p|Chansey}} are [[baby Pokémon]], likely referring to Chansey's caring and motherly nature.