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My shinies
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Welcome to my page... such as it is.
I'm TheDoctorPotter, and I'm a relatively new user to Bulbapedia: I joined sometime around mid-2016. Most of my edits have been to add missing bits of information to existing pages, or to correct errors if I see one. Ever since I was granted the power to make new pages... I've made about three, which are all just intended as redirects to existing pages. (You're welcome, people who just wanted to know why Pokémon call for help and didn't know that's called an SOS battle. I kid, of course, but that's one of the redirects I made.)
** ''Merlin''
** ''Sherlock''
** ''Avatar: The Last Airbender''/''Legend of Korra''
** and of course, ''Pokémon''
== My shinies ==
LittenYveltal, Charizard, Mimikyu, Vanilluxe, Ditto, Bulbasaur, and RockruffBlastoise.