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Extreme Evoboost (move)

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Noticed this. Hope it's worth noting, but feel free to revert if not. (I wish there were an easy way of separating Z-status moves from normal Z-Moves, bc if there were, the first point could be broadened to "only one of the latter group.")
{{p|Eevee}} can use Extreme Evoboost if it knows {{m|Last Resort}}, [[held item|holds]] an {{DL|Z-Crystal|Eevium Z}}, and if its {{pkmn|Trainer}} wears a [[Z-Ring]] and has Eevium Z.
* Extreme Evoboost is the only Pokémon-exclusive [[Z-Move]] that is a status move.
** It is also the only Z-Move whose [[damage category]] differs from its base move.
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