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(→‎In battle: Transform matches the current form Arceus is in, not the Normal form)
This Ability cannot be transferred with {{m|Skill Swap}} or copied with {{a|Trace}} or {{m|Role Play}}. If any Pokémon other than {{p|Arceus}} has this Ability, it does not work. Multitype cannot be suppressed by {{m|Gastro Acid}} or changed by {{m|Worry Seed}}.
When a Pokémon {{m|transform}}s into Arceus, it becomes the same form and type as the target Arceus. If the transformed Pokémon is holding a Plate that is different from the target's held Plate, it then immediately changes to the form and type corresponding to that Plate; if it is not holding a Plate, it immediately changes to Normal Arceus (unless it transformed into Normal Arceus).
====Generation V-VI====