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{{incomplete|2=Can it be inflicted with Entrainment? Is it affected by Worry Seed or Simple Beam? Can it be gained by Power of Alchemy or Receiver? Can it be changed to Mummy? Does it make the user vulnerable to Bad Dreams? Does it also prevent volatile status conditions? Is it affected by Core Enforcer? Can it be poisoned by Poison Touch Sunsteel Strike?}}
===In battle===
Comatose makes the user act as if it were {{status|sleep|asleep}}, without inflicting the status; the userPokémon with this Ability can still use moves (including successfully using {{m|Sleep Talk}} and {{m|Snore}}),. andIt iscannot immunebe toafflicted with non-volatile [[status condition]]s or become drowsy due to {{m|Yawn}}. Additionally,The Pokémon thewith userthis willAbility receivetakes double damage from {{m|Hex}} and {{m|Wake-Up Slap}}, can be affected by {{m|Dream Eater}} and {{m|Nightmare}}, and cannot successfully use {{m|Rest}}.
Comatose is unaffected by {{m|Uproar}} and effects that prevent sleep (such as {{m|Electric Terrain}} and {{a|Sweet Veil}}). Comatose is unaffected by {{a|Mold Breaker}}, {{a|Turboblaze}} and {{a|Teravolt}}. Comatose cannot be swapped with {{m|Skill Swap}} or copied by {{m|Role Play}} or {{a|Trace}}, and also cannot be suppressed with {{m|Gastro Acid}}.