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| colspan="2" | {{MSP|299|Nosepass}}<br>{{p|Nosepass}}
| [[File:PTC AG048.png|100px]]
| Whilst Dewgong does have an {{t|Ice|advantage}} against the {{t|Bug}}/{{t|Flying}} Ninjask, Torkoal and Nosepass would also be {{t|Fire|good}} {{t|Rock|choices}}. Of the two, however,Though Nosepass is the best choice since it resists Flying and is effective against both Bug and Flying.
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| [[AG049]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|257|Blaziken}}<br>{{p|Blaziken}}
| [[File:PTC AG072.png|100px]]
| Onix was misspelled ''Onyx''. Blaziken also has an {{t|Fire|advantage}} over Ariados, but its {{t|Fighting|Fighting}} typing does one-fourth the damage, while Onix's second type, {{t|Ground|Ground}}, does neutral damage to Ariados.
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| [[AG073]]