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:All of the official Japanese event pages suggest that most of these were awarded as a set of 2. The only page that doesn't explicitly suggest this is the one for the 20th Anniversary Festa, but there are no caveats to suggest they were awarded individually. The only cards definitely not awarded as a pair were 274/XY-P and 275/XY-P, which could be redeemed individually for 3 points each. As for the points redemption itself, I'm not entirely certain. I would assume once you redeemed points, they would be deducted from whatever you had accrued at the event on that day, so as long as you had enough points you could redeem as many prizes you qualified for. Remember to sign comments with the four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>) found in the character palette. <span style="color:#0066FF">'''[[Surf (move)|~~]]'''</span>'''[[User:nuva-kal|<span style="color:#00CCFF">nuva</span>]]'''<span style="color:#0066FF">'''-'''</span>[[User_talk:nuva-kal|<span style="color:#0099FF">'''kal'''</span>]] 20:59, 30 December 2016 (UTC)
== Romanization/translation questions ==
Hi! Messaging you because you're apparently the BP:ADMIN who's been so the longest, and I was [ told] that my questions would be better asked to someone who's been here a while. I was also encouraged to ask my questions on the talk page of the MOS page in question, but that hasn't been touched in six years, so there's no reason to assume anyone would read my message.
Basically, I tried to edit [[Bulbapedia:Romanization]] to remove two factual inaccuracies about [ (1)] in which countries the Hepburn romanization system is widely used and [ (2)] what counts as "romanization", and was [ reverted] (on the principal that regular edits should not edit that page, apparently without prejudice against the content of my corrections) and [ the page protected]. The page was written entirely by a user who hasn't edited since 2011, so it obviously needs a look-over if it is going to be normative. But even if what it prescribes is how Bulbapedia works in general, it shouldn't inaccurately refer to writing Japanese names using official English spellings as "romanization", since that term implies a systematic and consistent system based on Japanese phonetics.
But aside from my (admittedly minor) concern about how the MOS is worded, I have some queries about how the MOS is actually supposed to work:
# Why are articles not allowed to give the Hepburn romanization of the original Japanese names ''as well as'' the official "trademarked" spellings? The majority of articles I have seen give the Hanyu Pinyin, Jyutping (I think) and Revised Romanization spellings of their subjects' Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean names, respectively, in addition to the spellings in those languages' native scripts; surely telling our readers how Japanese-speakers pronounce the names is at least as useful as those.
# Several articles on topics whose official English names are literal translations of their Japanese (e.g., [[Wela Volcano Park]]) give their names in the form '''English''' (Japanese ''literal translation of Japanese'') such that the English title is given word-for-word twice in a row. This seems redundant: wouldn't it be better to just remove the "literal translation?
# When we give a translation of the Japanese names, these are written in italics, but this seems to be in error. The formatting appears to have been borrowed from English Wikipedia, where romanized Japanese text is given in italics, but if the preceding English is identical to the romanized Japanese then a translation is provided instead. This translation is meant to be in quotation marks, ''not'' italics, but on Wikipedia it's quite common to accidentally put the translation in italics because of the way the template is formatted. How would one go about correcting this error, apart from (as stated above) fruitlessly posting on the inactive talk page of the MOS itself.
Sorry to ask such technical questions. I'm really not sure if you're the best one to talk to; the user who wrote the MOS page in question hasn't edited in six years, and if he ever was an admin and they aren't now. If you can't or don't want to help me, would you mind tadvising me on somewhere else I could go? On Wikipedia I'd probably take something like this to the Village Pump, but I'm still not sure if such a thing exists on Bulbapedia.
Best regards,
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