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Added that fact that the Pokerus icon in Gen 7 is the same as Gen 6.
| Icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation III}}
| colspan="2" |Icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation IV|Generations IV}} and {{color2|000|Generation V|V}}
| Icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation VI}} and Generation VII
| style="{{roundy|60px}} border: 2px solid #A54ACE; background: #EFA5EF; width:60px; height:60px" | [[File:PokérusIC II cured.png]]
| Cured icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation IV}}
| Cured icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation V}}
| Cured icon from <br>{{color2|000|Generation VI}} and Generation VII