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Necrozma (Pokémon)

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Necrozma could be based off the concept of {{wp|prisms}} and {{wp|light refraction}}. Given the first part of its name ("necro"), its black coloration, and the star symbol on the back of its head, it could also be based off a {{wp|black dwarf}} (which is a theoretical "dead star" that has ceased to emit light or heat), or given its ability to absorb light, it could also be based off a {{wp|black hole}} (which is formed from a collapsed star).
Necrozma seems to have originated from the severed head of a dragon, his arms sprouts out of the eye sockets of the dragon and his legs from it's nostrils.
The back of necrozma's head is the neck of the dragon and the white surface with the grey star is the severing point.
====Name origin====
Necrozma may be a combination of νεκρός ''nekrós'' (Ancient Greek for death), 黒 ''kuro'' (black), and πρῖσμα ''prîsma'' (Ancient Greek for prism).