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[[Glitch Trainer]]s exist in [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]]. They result from the game erroneously reading Trainer or party information from game code that is supposed to contain other information.
==Glitch characters==
Many glitches force the game to put a number more than 10 into one digit, or result in invalid characters appearing in names. When this happens, the game uses glitched tiles as symbols. These glitch tiles are sometimes tiles that
appear in the world, and are sometimes parts of Pokemon on the screen. Letters can also appear in places like health if a glitch is used that causes a Pokémon's health to go higher than 999. Glitch tiles are sometimes actually
characters used in displaying the health bar, or the outline of text boxes. Glitch characters are similar to the sprites of glitch Pokémon, as they both come from the game reading unrelated data as an image.
==See also==