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Melemele Sea

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Added Wide Lens as obtainable item in Melemele Sea
{{Itemlist|Soft Sand|Route 1 side, in the middle of the island east of the Pokémon Research Lab|Su=yes|M=yes|display={{DL|Type-enhancing held item|Soft Sand}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Rock VI|On the southeast island (requires [[Poké Ride|Sharpedo Jet]])|Su=yes|M=yes|display={{TM|80|Rock Slide}}}}
{{Itemlist|Wide Lens|Route 1 side, on the beach, if the player interacts with two injured [[Corsola]] and attempts to use a [[Potion]] on them, their trainer will come along and give the player a Wide Lens.|Su=yes|M=yes|display={{DL|In-battle effect item|Wide Lens}}}}