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HP v1.3.16 (3DS) / v1.7.4 (Mobile)
{{ShufflePoké|148|214|Heracross|Bug|5,195 <small>(3DS)</small><br>6,234 <small>(Mobile)</small>|15|5% <small>(3DS)</small><br>0.1% <small>(Mobile)</small>|7% <small>(3DS)</small><br>5% <small>(Mobile)</small>|15}}
{{ShufflePoké|149|612|Haxorus|Dragon|1,666|5|65% <small>(3DS)</small><br>50% <small>(Mobile)</small>|7% <small>(3DS)</small><br>0% <small>(Mobile)</small>|5|Normally must be completed with 0 moves remaining, but can be completed with more moves left by spending a Jewel upon running out of moves. Pokémon selected for this stage do not appear in this stage. Players will always obtain an S rank.}}
{{ShufflePoké|150|150MY|Mewtwo|display={{me|Mewtwo}} Y|Psychic|{{tt|7,777|11,111 prior to v1.3.16 (3DS) / v1.7.4 (Mobile)}}|23|N/A|N/A|23|Cannot be played in Shuffle Mobile unless at least 95 Pokémon have been caught. Rewarded with a Mewtwonite Y and a Jewel in Shuffle. Rewarded with a Mewtwonite Y and 5 Hearts in Shuffle Mobile.}}
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