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The '''Masuda method''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|国際結婚|こくさいけっこん}}''' ''international marriage''), also known as '''Masuda's method''', is a fan-made term which describes a way to obtain [[Shiny Pokémon]] more easily from [[Generation IV]] onwards. While the standard encounter rate for a Shiny Pokémon (either in the wild or by breeding) is 1/8192 from [[Generation II]] to [[Generation V]] and 1/4096 in [[Generation VI]] onwards, the Masuda method multiplies this rate by 5 (to 5/8192 or about 1/1638) in Generation IV and, by 6 (to 3/4096 or about 1/1365) in Generation V, and by 4 (to 4/4096, or 1/1024) in Generation VI onwards.. It occurs whenever Pokémon of differing language are bred.
The method is named after [[Game Freak]] director [[Junichi Masuda]], who programmed it into {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}. He documented the method in his blog,<ref></ref> where he mentioned a way that "rare colored Pokémon's Egg can be found little easier." The mechanics behind the method were discovered by [[Smogon]].