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Locomotive Café

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{{incomplete[[File:Rumble U Locomotive Cafe.jpg|250px|thumb|2=MissingLocomotive images}}Cafe]]
'''Locomotive Cafe''' (Japanese: '''きかんしゃレストラン''' ''Locomotive Restaurant'') is the ninth area in [[Pokémon Rumble U]]. It is available after the player clears [[Model Train Room]]. In this area, the player fights one boss - {{p|Electrode}}. Each stage must be cleared before moving on to the next stage.
==Dash Race!==
[[File:Rumble U Dash Race.jpg|250px|thumb|Dash Race!]]
* Protect the fort
==Bonus Round!==
[[File:Rumble U Bonus Round.jpg|250px|thumb|Bonus Round!]]
* Work hard for 30 seconds
==Boom! Boom! Boom!==
[[File:Rumble U Boom Boom Boom.jpg|250px|thumb|Boom! Boom! Boom!]]
* Defeat the boss in time