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Type: Null (Pokémon)

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A mane of gray fur hangs from below Type: Null's helmet and covers its shoulders and chest. Most of its torso and legs is covered in short black fur. The lower half of each front leg is insectoid and green with spikes along the back, while the rear legs have thick purple scales on the flanks, shins, and on the top of the foot. All four of its feet have three toes, but in the front two toes face forward and one backward. Additionally, the hind paws have a short, purple claw on the back of the ankle. Its fish-like tail consists of two dark blue spines with a light blue fin stretched between them. The top spine has a line of short, gray spikes.
Type: Null was created by the [[Aether Foundation]] to be an anti-[[Ultra Beast|UB]] Fighting life-form. Codenamed "Beast Killer", Type: Null was given cells taken from all known Pokémon [[type]]s with the intention of giving it the ability to {{a|RKS System|shift between types}} by holding a corresponding [[Memory]], an ability originally inspired by the myths about [[{{p|Arceus]]}} found in [[Canalave Library]]. This ability led the Aether Foundation to give it the name '''Type: Full''' (Japanese: '''タイプ:フル''' ''Type: Full''). Three known models of Type: Full were created, but all three rejected the RKS System and went berserk. After being subdued, the three Type: Full were given limiter helmets to lessen the effects of the RKS System's rejection and were put into permanent cryogenic stasis, and the "Beast Killer" project was deemed a failure. Afterward, they were deemed failures and their name changed to Type: Null. At some point before the events of Sun and Moon, [[Gladion]] was able to free one of the Type: Null, which he adopted as his own in the hopes of finding a way to undo the effects of the limiter helmet and allow it to use the RKS System.