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List of cross-generational references

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To Generation VI
* When encountered for the first time on {{rt|8|Alola}}, [[Colress]] wonders out loud if [[Z-Ring]]'s power can surpass that of {{key|VI|Mega Ring}}.
* A man on the first floor of the Dimensional Research Lab in [[Heahea City]] mentions having heard about "some rare Pokémon that can use rings to teleport itself through space", obviously describing {{p|Hoopa}}.
* A {{tc|Collector}} on {{rt|11|Alola}} says that there is a Pokémon in the [[Kalos]] region with bamboo leaves in its mouth, referring to [[{{p|Pancham]]}} and [[{{p|Pangoro]]}}.
* A poster within the Geothermal Power Plant on [[Blush Mountain]] talks about the [[Kalos Power Plant]]. It mentions that it draws its energy from space with microwaves and send back to the planet's surface. The people in [[Kalos]] work with Porygon in space.
* [[Samson Oak]] mentions that the [[Rotom Pokédex]] was built with the help of a "young fellow" from Kalos.
* A {{DL|Status condition healing item|Lumiose Galette}} is given to the player in [[Pokémon Center Café]]s when buying a drink for the first time on Monday. A {{DL|Status condition healing item|Shalour Sable}} can be received on Friday under the same conditions.
* In [[Hau'oli City]], [[Ilima]]'s mother gives the player a {{DL|Status condition healing item|Lumiose Galette}} and explains that it's his favorite food from the [[Kalos]] region, where he went to study abroad.
* There is a [[{{DL|Lumiose_City_restaurants#Sushi_High_Roller|Sushi High Roller]]}} in [[Malie City]]. A {{tc|Sightseer}} who is dining there says that he once visited the branch in Kalos.
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