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Craggy Coast

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[[File:Craggy Coast entrance.png|thumb|left|The entrance to Craggy Coast]]
'''Craggy Coast''' (Japanese: '''えんがんのいわば''' ''Coastal Rocky Stretch'') is a dungeon in {{g|Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness}} and {{g|Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky}}. It has nine floors. It is unlocked after the members of the [[Wigglytuff's Guild|Wigglytuff Guild]] set off on an expedition to find [[Fogbound Lake]]. {{mdc|Bidoof|2}} will accompany the player on the first visit. During the player's first visit, he or she will have the choice between Craggy Coast and [[Side Path]]. If he or she chooses Side Path, he or she will have to traverse five additional floors, then bringing the player back to the crossroads between Craggy Coast and Side Path. Traveling through Side Path will bring the total number of floors to 14. In Explorers of Sky, this dungeon is the first to have [[treasure box]]es dropped from fainted foes in these games. {{Spoilers}} After [[Surrounded Sea]], the partner will suggest to return here in search for Blue Gummis to feed the newly hatched {{p|Manaphy}}. {{Endspoilers}}
==Pokémon encountered==