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Errors: Grammar.
* When Ash hands over his Poké Balls to the Pokémon League entrance exam instructor, there are five. When the instructor closes his hand, there are six.
* When James hands over the exam form, he didndoesn't hadhave thea number pin. But whenWhen he looksturns to look at Jessie in the next shot, however, he somehowis acquiresshown thewearing a number pin.
* When Meowth scratches both Jessie and James, there are four lines of light. But Jessie and James's faces have only three marks.
* In the English dub, the instructor shows an image of a {{p|Poliwrath}} and {{p|Poliwag}} but calls them {{p|Poliwhirl}} and Poliwag.
* In one scene where the gang talks to [[Nurse Joy]] and {{Todd}} takes pictures of Pokémon, there is a Trainer with a green-colored {{p|Weedle}}. Coincidentally, Weedle is green when {{Shiny}} in {{2v2|Gold|Silver}}, albeit a different shade.
* The computer's image of a {{p|Caterpie}} leaves a section of its body colored the purple on the screen.
* When Ash is returning Arbok to its Poké Ball, the number seven on his jacket has vanished.
* After Ash answers the tail flame question, and the view reverts back to the big screen, the picture on the screen shows a flame from Ponyta's mane, not tail, but before Ash is answering, it shows the correct flame.