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==={{chap|Black 2 & White 2}}===
Two [[PS529|years]] later, Keldeo is found by Lack-Two and [[Whi-Two]] in Pledge Grove, who were there looking for Pokémon to fill up their [[Pokédex|Pokédexes]]s. Trying to keep the two away, Keldeo attacks with its sword, throwing the [[Trainer]]s off a cliff. Later, Lack-Two comes back to Pledge Grove offering to help Keldeo strengthen itself and acquire new techniques. Agreeing to help each other out, Lack-Two catches Keldeo.
In [[PS532]], Lack-Two sends out Keldemaru to assist {{TP|Lack-Two|Dewott}} in its battle against [[Team Plasma]]'s {{p|Tornadus}} in its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Forces of Nature|Therian Forme}}. Tornadus focuses on capturing [[Giallo]], while Dewott and Keldemaru work together to overwhelm the Cyclone Pokémon. To prevent Tornadus from escaping, Lack-Two has Keldemaru attacking with an Ice Beam, followed by Dewott's {{m|Razor Shell}}, {{status|freeze|freezing}} it solid. With Tornadus frozen, the {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}s retreat, returning Tornadus to its [[Poké Ball]].