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[[File:Lack-Two and Dewott.png|thumb|200px|left|Lack-Two and Dewott]]
Prior to the start of the {{chap|Black 2 & White 2}} Dewott was one of the many Pokémon in the [[International Police|International Police Headquarters]]. One day Lack-Two was summoned by the Chief of Police to pick out a Pokémon due to not having one despite passing all his exams. Lack-Two claims not having a Pokémon isn't a problem, as he would rather wait to find one that matches his skills. Quickly after saying this though, he notices Dewott in the back polishing his scalchops and picks him as his partner.
Dewott first appeared in [[PS525]], standing beside Lack-Two as he was breaking up with [[Yancy]]. He was later used in his schoolsschool's tortementtournament and easily advanced Lack-Two to the finals. During the finals he battled against [[Hugh]]'s {{p|Trapinch}}, defeating it with a Razor Shell. Being the winner, Lack-Two received a [[Pokédex]]. Later that night he helped save [[Looker]] from a {{p|Scolipede}}, defeating it in one hit.
In [[PS527]] Dewott is used to battle against a {{p|Genesect}} sent by [[Team Plasma]]. Dewott starts with a powerful Razor Shell, but Genesect takes it head on with little damage. Genesect then charges at the group and Lack-Two jumps on top of it. Using his International Police Arm #15 Record Bubble Lack-Two sent a message to Dewott telling him to attack Genesect like he attacked Scolipede but to use both scalchops instead. Dewott followed his command and went on the offense against Genesect, forcing it to bring out its cannon in order to counter -attack. Genesect then fired its cannon which destroyed one of Dewott's scalchops. Despite the loss, Lack-Two was able to find the [[Colress|person]] controlling Genesect due to Dewott's attacks. After confronting the man, he had Genesect attack Lack-Two with [[Techno Blast]], knocking him off the building they were on. Dewott managed to save Lack-Two, and they runran away to restrategize.
Lack-Two soon figures out that Genesect is not owned by Colress and decides to capture it. While trying to capture it, Dewott begins attacking it to wear it down. During the battle, Dewott inserts a scalchop into Genesect's drive. When Colress attempts to switch out its cartridge for another one, it gets stuck, allowing Dewott to attack with Aqua Jet. Before he gets there though, Colress removes it and switches the cartridge. Genesect then hits Dewott with an {{type|Electric}} Techno Blast, dealing major damage. During the confusion that followed Lack-Two hid Dewott with his International Police Arm #2 Invisible Cloth and captured Genesect, forcing Colress to flee.
In [[PS532]], Dewott is used against [[Team Plasma]]'s {{p|Tornadus}} at {{rt|20|Unova}}. Quickly after the battle starts, Tornadus changes into its [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Forces of Nature|Therian Forme]]. After Tornadus dodges a Razor Shell, Lack-Two determines that itsthe Tornadus is faster thenthan his Genesect, and has Dewott try a faster Aqua Jet attack, combined with Dewott's scalchop. With Tornadus still able to evade the Discipline Pokémon's attacks, Lack-Two sends out [[Keldemaru]] to assist Dewott in the fight. Tornadus then focuses on capturing [[Giallo]], while Dewott and Keldemaru work together to overwhelm the Cyclone Pokémon. To prevent Tornadus from escaping, Lack-Two has Keldemaru attacking with an {{m|Ice Beam}}, followed by Dewott's Razor Shell, freezing it solid. With Tornadus frozen, the [[Team Plasma Grunt]]s retreat, returning Tornadus to its [[Poké Ball]].
==Personality and characteristics==