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[[File:Sun and Dollar.png|thumb|200px|left|Sun and Dollar]]
Dollar first appeared in the [[Sun & Moon chapter (Adventures)|Sun & Moon chapter]], battling against a group of [[Team Skull Grunt]]’s {{p|Salandit}}. It easily blocked all of their attacks and finished them off with Pay Day. Later that day Sun ran into {{p|Tapu Koko}}, who began attacking the group. Sun sent Dollar and [[Litten|En]] out to fight and the two immediately begin fighting each other. They soon figured out they needed to focus on their opponent and En attacked with {{m|Ember}} while Dollar used Pay Day. While it seemed like their attacks did nothing Tapu Koko ended up fleeing.
==Personality and characteristics==
Typical of its species Dollar is sophisticated, aloof, and unconcerned with how others are doing. It is a competent battler as it is able to parry attacks with ease and quickly finish battles. When out of battle Dollar is very sluggish and lazy. Dollar has a goodstrained relationship with itsEn and will attack it whenever given the Trainerchance.
==Moves used==
{{anmov|Normal|Pay Day|Sun & Moon chapter (Adventures)|Sun & Moon chapter}}
* Dollar is the first [[Regional variant]] to be owned by a [[Pokédex holder]].
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|ダラー ''Dollar''
|From {{wp|Dollar|dollar}}. Also a pun on だらだら ''daradara'', (sluggish)
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