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Petting: Can someone please list all the Pokemon that you can high five?
Some Pokémon also have special effects on parts of their body, such as a slimy body or a sharp edge. Some of these are mainly aesthetic effects, while others may temporarily prevent the player from petting the Pokémon in reaction. Several Pokémon may have their entire bodies produce these effects, either preventing them from being petted in a favourable spot or petted altogether.
The player can also use the touch screen to high five certain Pokémon, such as the [[starter Pokémon]], and{{p|Mimikyu}} [[Eeveelution|Eevee and its evolutions]]. This is done by holding the stylus on a spot away from the Pokémon's body for approximately five seconds, as long as the Pokémon also has at least 5 points of Affection. Rapidly tapping the screen in succession may also hit the Pokémon, which causes an angry reaction but does not affect its stats.