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Poni Plains

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Zygarde Cube: wording
{{Itemlist||sprite=Key Zygarde Cell Sprite|size=40px|By the first palm tree north and slightly west of the Poni Grove entrance{{sup/t|D}}|Su=yes|M=yes|display=[[Zygarde Cube|Zygarde Cell]]}}
{{Itemlist||sprite=Key Zygarde Cell Sprite|size=40px|In the rocky area in the northwest, on the second ledge down (requires [[Poké Ride|Tauros Charge]])|Su=yes|M=yes|display=[[Zygarde Cube|Zygarde Cell]]}}
{{Itemlist||sprite=Key Zygarde Cell Sprite|size=40px|SouthIn the corner of land east of the [[PoniTrainer MeadowTips]] sign north of the Poni Grove entrance{{sup/t|N}}|Su=yes|M=yes|display=[[Zygarde Cube|Zygarde Cell]]}}