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Pokémon in Poland

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Pokémon anime
In September 2014, Disney XD aired the first 16 episodes of {{series|XY}}. After two months in 3 November 2014 Disney XD started airing the next 16 episodes (without [[XY024|XY024]]). In January 2015, the last 16 episodes of {{series|XY}} were aired. The [[M17|seventeenth movie]] aired on 3 October 2015. Two days after, 5 October 2015, Disney XD began to air first 24 episodes of ''[[S18|XY: Kalos Quest]]''.
In February 18th 2016, Disney XD began airing the last 21 episodes of ''[[S18|XY: Kalos Quest]]'' were aired.
In Poland the anime is available on [[Netflix]], but only with Polish subtitles. However, on 13 September 2016 the dubbed version of [[M18|eighteenth movie]] was added.