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Mt. Coronet

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Mt. Coronet's southern cavern, which leads between {{rt|207|Sinnoh}} and {{rt|208|Sinnoh}}, features several elevated rock formations as well as several pools of water. It is here where the player will first meet [[Cyrus]] in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, and meet him for a second time in {{game|Platinum}}. Though it is a simple cavern, requiring no HMs to pass through, it features the only way to the Spear Pillar, only accessible with {{m|Rock Climb}} and {{m|Surf}}.
The northern cavern is vastly different from the southern one, with no pools of water on the ground floor, and requiring {{m|Rock Smash}} and {{m|Strength}} to navigate between the two halves of {{rt|211|Sinnoh}} and toward {{rt|216|Sinnoh}}. At its northern section, this cavern leads further below the surface, into an area blanketed in a dense fog where a large underground lake is located. This lake is the only place that {{p|Feebas}} is available in Sinnoh, though like in [[Hoenn]], it is found only in specific tiles on any given day (''see {{DL|Mt. Coronet|Finding Feebas}}''). At the north end of this area is a way back up to Mt. Coronet's northernmost cave, leading out toward Route 216, and in Platinum, where the [[Iceberg Ruins]] is located.
The upper caverns are increasingly complex areas, though eventually the player will make his or her way outside of the mountain, into its snowy peaks. This outer area features constant hail, much like Routes 216 and 217, as well as many hardy Pokémon adapted to living in this harsh environment. A cave painting of the [[lake guardians]], similar to the one in Celestic Town, blocks the way to the upper caverns until Team Galactic is defeated in [[Team Galactic HQ]], which is in [[Veilstone City]].
===Spear Pillar===