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In the manga
After N awakens Zekrom from the [[Dragon Stones|Dark Stone]], Bronius and the other sages watch as N attempts to befriend Zekrom and have it join Team Plasma's cause. At the {{OBP|Pokémon League|Unova}}, Team Plasma enacts its plan and summons N's Castle from the depths of the earth to surround the League building. Bronius and the other Sages emerge from the castle as they watch the chaos unfold. {{adv|Black}} attempts to confront them, but Ghetsis easily defeats Black's team. With no way to save the Gym Leaders, stop the Grunts causing havoc below, and face N in battle, Black is assisted by several Trainers that he had met over the course of his journey. The Trainers battle against the sages and rescue the Gym Leaders from the bindings. The Gym Leaders then help battle the sages, but Bronius and the others eventually escape from the battle without being seen.
In the {{chap|Black 2 & White 2}}, Bronius and the other Seven Sages were sought after by [[International Police]] members [[Lack-Two]] and [[Looker]], who aimed to arrest them along with the other remaining Team Plasma members. Bronius was reported to have been seen alongside Ryoku in the [[Castelia Sewers]].