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Encore (move)

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If a Pokémon is affected by Encore before it uses a move that turn, and it is now locked into a move other than the one it selected, that move will target the foe opposite it (if it can target a single foe); if the move the Pokémon is locked into is {{m|Acupressure}}, it will target the user, not an ally. If a Pokémon is forced to use {{m|Focus Punch}} on a turn it chose another move, the charging message does not appear and it can be executed regardless of whether the Pokémon took damage that turn.
===Generation VI onward===
Encore no longer works on Pokémon under the protection of {{a|Aroma Veil}}.
===Generation VII===
If powered up by a {{DL|Z-Crystal|Normalium Z}} into Z-Encore, the user's {{stat|Speed}} stat raises one stage.