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Baton Pass (move)

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Baton Pass will not change the effect of {{m|Pursuit}}. Baton Pass will also not pass on secondary effects of moves; for example, the effect of {{m|Minimize}} causing {{m|Stomp}} to hit at double power will not be passed, nor will the effect of {{m|Defense Curl}} causing {{m|Rollout}} and {{m|Ice Ball}} to hit at double power be passed. Other status changes that result in a type change to the user of Baton Pass, such as {{m|Soak}} or {{m|Conversion}}, will also not be passed to the target.
===GenerationGenerations V onwardand VI===
The effects of moves that prevent ordinary switching, such as {{m|Mean Look}}, are no longer passed on to the incoming Pokémon; this does not include the effects of {{m|Ingrain}}.
The correct type of Poké Ball the user was caught with is now displayed in the animation.
===Generation VII===
If powered up by a {{DL|Z-Crystal|Normalium Z}} into Z-Baton Pass, all of the user's lowered stats are reset.