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[[File:Nobunaga Hydreigon.png|thumb|right|250px|Nobunaga and {{p|Hydreigon}}]]
Nobunaga is seen much like a villain for most of the {{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest stories|The Legend of Ransei}}, having the ambition to take over the entirety of [[Ransei]]. The [[Hero]]/[[Heroine]] first meets Nobunaga in person after joining forces with [[Shingen]] and [[Kenshin]]. It is here that Nobunaga reveals his intentions to conquer Ransei, and that Nobunaga is [[Oichi]]'s brother. Oichi tries to learn more about her brother's intentions but fails, and Nobunaga leaves.
After conquering all of Nobunaga's territories, the Hero/Heroine challenges Nobunaga himself at [[Dragnor]]'s castle, where Nobunaga calls upon his {{p|Zekrom}} to battle. The Hero/Heroine is successful, but Nobunaga escapes. After the Hero/Heroine links with {{p|Arceus}}, Nobunaga returns, calling upon his {{Shiny|Black}} {{p|Rayquaza}} and his closest allies in a final bid to stop the Hero/Heroine.