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Pokémon Sun and Moon
====[[Pokémon Sun and Moon]]====
;After choosing language at start of game
:''"Hang on, now. Gimme just a sec... Hey there! Good afternoon! So the day has finally come that you're moving to [[Alola]]! Alola is a [[region]] made up of several different islands. That could be the reason the region is chock full of nothin' but rare Pokémon, yeah! There's no shortage of cool Pokémon out here in Alola, either! Such mysterious creatures! You find 'em all over. In the grass, in the caves, in the sky and sea... Here in Alola we love our Pokémon, and we depend on them heaps, too. Some of us even battle with 'em, if we call ourselves [[Pokémon Trainers]]!. [[Rockruff]]! Can you wait until I'm done talkin' to play?! All right, I gotta ask you some questions about yourself so I can introduce you to everybody! So which photo should I use for your [[Trainer Card (game)|Trainer Passport]]?"''
:''"You OK with the one you chose, yeah? All right then, I'll let you spell out your name for me. Your name? So, you go by <player name>? 10-4, good buddy! I'll let everybody out here know you're on your way! <player name>! Yeah, that's a name that hits you like a Thunderbolt outta the sky! Woo! Can't wait to see you in person then, cousin!"''
;[[Alola Route 1|Route 1]]
;Hau'oli Outskirts
:''"Hey there, <player name>! The name's Kukui. Good to meet you, cousin! You gotta be tired after that long trip all the way out here to Alola! You feelin' any jet lag? We sure are a long way from [[Kanto]] out here in Alola. It's still daytime out here, yeah!"''
:''"Hey there, [[Mom (Alola)|mom]]! I just let myself in. Oh, and call me Kukui, would you? Welcome to Alola!"''
:''"Ha! I was supposed to visiting there to research Kanto [[Move|Pokémon moves]] and all. I thought I knew a thing or two about [[Pokémon battle|battling]], but those Kanto [[Gym leader|Gym Leaders]] proved me wrong!"''
:''"Hey now, <player name>! Let's get a move on to the next town over, cousin! Time for you to meet the [[Island Kahuna]] and get yourself a Pokémon, yeah!"''
::'''A Pokémon?!''': ''"Yeah, sure."''
::'''Kahuna?''': ''"Sure. sure. The kahunas are crazy-strong Pokémon Trainers here in Alola, cousin! They're unbeatable for folks like me and you!"''
:''"The kahuna who lives in [[Iki Town]] is always happy to give any kid who wants to have an adventure their first Pokémon, yeah."''
:''"Ooh, I bet you've got a stylin' hat that'll match mine, yeah?"''
:''"Woo, that's a stylin' hat, cousin!"''
:''"Your mom there... She's sure looking forward to your first Pokémon, yeah? So let's get going to Iki Town! Time for you to get a real nice Pokémon from the island kahuna, oh yeah!"''
====[[Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version]]====
;[[Hau'oli City]] Shopping District