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Pokémon can be fed '''Poké Beans''' (Japanese: '''ポケマメ''' ''Poké Bean'') toare increasea theirspecialty Affection,in asthe well[[Alola]] as[[region]] theirthat Fullness. Unlike Pokémon-Amie, Poké Beans cannotcan be obtainedfed withinto the{{OBP|Pokémon|species}} featureto asincrease [[Pokétheir Puff]]s wereAffection, beingas obtainablewell primarilyas throughtheir [[PokéFullness. Pelago]]There asare wellthree asdifferent fromtypes [[Pokémonof CenterPoké Café]]sBeans: alongsidePlain theBeans, firstPatterned beverageBeans, theand playerRainbow orders dailyBeans.
ThereUnlike arePokémon-Amie, threePoké typesBeans ofcannot Pokébe Beans:obtained Plainwithin Beans,the Patternedfeature Beansas [[Poké Puff]]s were, andbeing theobtainable Rainbowprimarily Bean.through Some[[Poké Pelago]] as well as from [[Pokémon likeCenter {{p|Cosmoem}}Café]]s cannotalongside bethe first beverage the player orders feddaily.
Poké Beans can sprout into Poké Beanstalks and be stored in a Bean Bottle. The player can also exchange Poké Beans with [[Mohn]]. He will give the player three Plain Beans for a Patterned Bean or seven Plain Beans for a Rainbow Bean. Additionally, on {{DL|Poké Pelago|Isle Abeens}}, the player can place some of the Poké Beans he or she collected into the Poké Bean crate to attract [[wild Pokémon]].
Some Pokémon like {{p|Cosmoem}} cannot be fed.
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