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Gyarados (Pokémon)

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Name origin
===Name origin===
Gyarados may derive from 虐殺 ''gyakusatsu'' (massacre/slaughter) or 逆境 ''gyakkyō'' (hardship/adversity)—both words relate to the creature's violent nature and the hardship it experienced before evolving. In addition, 逆 ''gyaku'' means "reverse" or "contrary", possibly referring to how Gyarados evolves from a pathetically weak Pokémon to one capable of destroying entire cities, and, in legend, how the carp goes against the flow of the waterfall in order to reach the top. It may also involve 嵐 ''arashi'' (storm) or 争い ''arasoi'' (conflict, referencing on how it appeared during wars). The last part may be from ドス ''dosu'' (onomatopoeia for the piercing of flesh, again owing to Gyarados' violent nature). Alternatively, ''dos'' (Spanish for ''two'') may indicate that it is the second in its evolutionary line.
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