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Feeding: Well Cosmoem won't eat. I'll leave the incomplete because I'm sure there are others I don't know about.
{{incomplete|section|Are there still Pokémon who cannot be fed, like ones such as Shedinja and most cocoon-based Pokémon couldn't be in the previous generation?}}
Pokémon can be fed '''[[Poké Bean]]s''' (Japanese: '''ポケマメ''' ''Poké Bean'') to increase their Affection, as well as their Fullness. Unlike Pokémon-Amie, Poké Beans cannot be obtained within the feature as [[Poké Puff]]s were, being obtainable from cafés alongside the first beverage the player orders daily as well as primarily through [[Poké Pelago]].
Some Pokémon like Cosmoem can't be fed.